Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Great Christmas Bowl Inspires Outreach!

This is so cool ...

Letter to The Editor:

I am so new to Susan May Warren's writings, but my first experience with 'The Great Christmas Bowl' has resulted life changing events.

Mimicking Susan's character ( Marianne) and the ultimate Soup Kitchen Tea, my mission partner and friend have plans in motion to host a marathon Tie blanket making event.

The blankets, scarves and wraps are going to the families of McDowell County West Virginia to provide a bit of Christmas to these neighbors of ours. McDowell in located in the Appalachian mountains and one of the poorest, most indigent counties in the US.

For the details on McDowell, watch this powerful video!

God is blessing this little blanket ministry and especially this project with folks around the WORLD wanting to get on board spreading joy and Jesus to McDowell.

Sorry to go on and on but as a result of 'The Great Christmas Bowl' we now have planned a marathon 'Flock Party' otherwise known as a Blanket making event - with hundreds of yards of fleece being worked while we are inviting our community and those hundreds of members who are committed to F4F to come enjoy a 'Soup Kitchen' at the cost of $1 a bowl or a can good. Proceeds from this event will go to our local Church on the Street and food pantry.

We also have a new recording artist that has allowed us to utilize a wonderful song of hers 'We Can Be the Hope' that was used on the promotional video (above) aimed at educating the masses on this need on our very shores.

We expect to have lot's of live music (including Heather) table set for at least 500, personal & purposeful hand written notes and letters to the McDowell residents in hopes that relationships will be formed and these families will know we mean this to be more than drop 500 blankets and run. We desire nothing more but for to God use these gifts to spread the hope of Jesus to our neighbors in this nearby community.

If you have not stopped reading:
What her story has sparked is nothing but miraculous, God is all over it!


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