Thursday, July 30, 2009

Host Your Own Tea

Do something DIFFERENT this Holiday!

So, I love Christmas (I think this fact has been firmly established). But I also love those fun Christmas teas that we have at church, school, and the many that I speak at every year. Great fun! But I’ll never forget the day I invited a woman in my community to our church Christmas Tea and she said… “Oh, I couldn’t go. I wouldn’t fit in.” It made me wonder just why we have our Christmas teas. Hear me: it’s a great thing to break bread together, to fellowship with food. And if that’s the purpose, then hallelujah and pass the cheesy potatoes. But when we have events with the purpose of reaching out, then….well, we need to think of our audience. It was this thought that sat in the back of my mind as I wrote The Great Christmas Bowl.

If I had my way, I’d just write books for charity. (Seriously, maybe after I get the kids through college!). I feel so blessed to use my love for writing to encourage people to see God’s grace in their lives. Like Eric Liddell – I feel the pleasure of God when I write.

But I’d like to give back. So…

Here’s my idea.

Let’s use the GCB to reach out to our community. (Read an amazing story about one woman who was already inspired to reach out to her community and make a difference!)

Host your own Great Christmas bowl!

Here’s some ideas how:

1. Read The Great Christmas Bowl with your local women’s ministry group.

2. Then host a Great Christmas Bowl event/fundraiser (ie, a soup kitchen/tea!) at your own church or community center to raise money for your local homeless shelter, crisis pregnancy center, family support services. (Choose one (or maybe even two) organizations for your Tea to fund.)

3. To raise money, check with your local bookstore or favorite internet retailer and ask for a bulk discount for The Great Christmas Bowl. I have also included a link to order here via CBD.COM in case you want to act now! Then just send a quick email to and let us know how many books you ordered and where to send your bookplates!

I will provide book plates for your books to sell at the standard price – your proceeds go to your charity!

4. Use the attached Invite to send to your church, your community, your neighbors, friends, acquaintances…even, strangers. Download Christmas Bowl Invite

When you sign up to
host your own Great Christmas Bowl, this is what you'll get.
~ A 10 minute devotional video from Susan May Warren to play during the Tea, on CD rom, or via download.

~ Signed book plates

~Recipe for The Great Christmas Bowl Soup

~Discussion Questions to get people talking at your tea via email.

Download The Great Christmas Bowl_Flyer

Join Me and Marianne and Host your Own Great Christmas Bowl!

Share your Favorite Christmas Story and Recipe!

Do you have a favorite Christmas Story? How about a favorite family recipe? Share your memories with the Great Christmas Bowl family! Click here to submit your story and recipe, and YOUR post will be featured here, on the GCB blog! Then, download the entire recipe book at the GCB Tea Party, Saturday December 5th!

Soup’s On!